Building an e-learning environment

Project: Customer required a complete e-learning transformation

Starting point:

  • Learning Management System (LMS) Moodle
  • LMS Moodle seen as cumbersome and unintuitive with low usage rates
  • Own custom built software facilitating LMS type features
  • Basic e-learning type content

Wanted to modernize courses to meet and exceed the demands of their students (i.e. provide structured quality multimedia content online)

Chosen LMS provider after the tendering process:

Results of change management and training:

Autumn 2017 (LMS use voluntary): 64% of courses were in the LMS

Spring 2018 (LMS use voluntary): 75% of courses were in the LMS

Goal autumn 2018 (LMS use mandatory): 100% in the LMS

  • Comprehensive training for all faculty that will lead to better quality, structuring, and uniformity
  • Monitoring and reporting with business analytics software (Power BI) with custom built reporting mechanisms
  • Use of rubrics and exploring the use of outcomes functions for outcomes-based education
  • Advanced in-house built multimedia e-learning content and class recording (studio and video conferencing facilities built):
    • Webcam recordings
    • Screen capture
    • Screen capture with talking head
    • Talking head
    • Animation assisted talking head
    • Khan-style videos
    • Drawing recording
    • Class recording
    • Online video conference recording and interactivity
  • Building of collaborative video conferencing facilities between two campuses