• 1. Helping you with the latest learning management system (LMS) technology

    Moodle, Canvas, Bridge, Blackboard, Itslearning, and Google Classroom consultation, suitability estimation, tendering, and training.

  • 2. Helping you with finding the right e-learning hardware and software mix

    Do you need Adobe Creative Cloud product family, Microsoft product family, Google product family, whiteboard solutions, video editing, hosting, subtitle and presentation solutions, video communication solutions, intranet, cloud or premise, timetabling, feedback…. What is the right mix for your e-learning environment and how do these integrate?

  • 3. Helping you in making the right decisions with research supported content creation

    Pedagogically relevant decisions are based on the latest academic research. Latest self-published research: ”Research Supported Guideline for Educational Video Creation and Business Use” (Soinio, 2015).

  • 4. Creating with you in collaborative organising and scripting of content

    Transforming traditional content to suit the e-learning environment from scripting videos to pacing content in learning management systems.

  • 5. Making you sound better with professional quality audio

    Scripts, pacing, microphone type, audio dampening, pop filters, recorders, backup recorders, software, post-processing, and other details play an important role in creating quality audio content.

  • 6. Making you look better with professional quality video

    Scripts, pacing, backdrops, point-based lighting solutions, lenses, cameras, multi-camera setups, room sizes, software, post-processing, and other technical details play an important role in creating quality video content.