Vakaa Finland Oy is currently a one-man show. I am a PhD cand. researcher, and create e-learning environments from hardware to software and from change management to training. The e-learning environment consists of a multitude of individual pieces that all need to fit into place for students and employees to be able to enjoy high-quality content and content creation possibilities.


Information on how to do things right is out there; in research articles, videos, forums, blog posts, news articles, people, and in communities. Someone has done what you are trying to achieve and made the mistakes you were about to make and would be happy to help you avoid them. Research, reach out, and stay curious.


A paradigm shift in education is happening and I am to facilitate this process. In a well-crafted e-learning environment educational content can be fine-tuned, organized, analysed, and perfected. This can elevate the learning and teaching experience and results to new heights if done correctly.